Threads PDO (Polydioxanone), magical or wire tensioning wires PDO stimulate the production of collagen to treat sagging facial (FACE AND NECK ) and body (buttocks, stomach, etc) eliminating the need to have cosmetic surgery for many people. This treatment does not require general anesthetic.
PDO very fine wire tensioning threads are implanted to the dermis to achieve a non-surgical facelift EFFECT. Resorbable polydioxanone is fully compatible material, widely used in cardiac surgery, because it helps the cohesion of the cells. Once implanted, these tensioning wires produce a double effect; lifting and restimulating collagen production. Each thread tension generates a fibrosis in the surrounding tissues. This process regenerates the surrounding tissues. Furthermore, the origin of collagen and elastin,  proteins that bind to tissues and therefore are responsible for the smoothness and firmness of the skin is induced.

Advantages of PDO threads.
Its effects last between one and two years. Procedure is short , between 30 and 60 minutes. The threads are invisible to the eye and impossible to detect by touch. Only anestetic cream is required. The material cannot cause allergies or rejection. The patient can resume normal activity immediately. They are compatible with other treatments such as Laser Skin Rejuvination,Mesotherapy or RF.

hilos pdo

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